Home  of Norwegian and Siberian Forest Cats
(Registered with CFA...) Cattery #: 211508

Tormod= Thor's Mind...Bright Ones...Beautiful Ones

Here you will find Norwegian and Siberian Kittens with
wonderful dispositions and beautiful colors.
From Moscow, Russia,  Iz Odissei Cattery has sent European Grand Champion Odysseus, a
gorgeous flame point male who has produced absolutely wonderful kittens which are all over
the world. They are in Europe in many countries as well as in the United States. Odysseus and
his son, Bo...along with a beautiful, young male from St. Petersburg, Russia and Rossity
Cattery, Boris who is a black/shaded silver boy with gold!  In 2011, another wonderful Siberian
Mackeral Tabby Spotted Male arrived to join the three Sires.  ISUM (Aka: Alexei) is a fantastic
boy with a beautiful personality.  His first litters will be born in 2012.

The Siberian is distinguished from the Norwegian in that one's vision is of circles, rather than
triangles.  The eyes are large and shaped like lemons on their sides.  Siberian bodies are more opposed to the longer length of Norwegians.
The Siberian is highly intelligent, with great affection shown for the family.  They respond well
to other animals with the same love and affection.  It is pure joy to watch them jump for toys
and lie down on their back (all four in the air)...while you dangle a feather toy above them.
They will be happy to play with you, but don't mind resting while they do!
The hypo-allergenic factor of the Siberian is shown to be such a blessing for people who
previously could not be around cats in their own homes...or for your guests who want to visit
with you, but are hesitant due to their own difficulties with cats.  The 'magic' is in the lower
fel-d1 protein which is in the saliva of the Siberian.  I have been breeding these wonderful cats
for 7 years and have had many, many people find they are free of symptoms.

We have Royal Vikings's Ben, who is a Blue Smoke Tabby with our beautiful male.
Ben comes from pedigrees with strong heads, heavy boning and lovely coats.  In the winter, the
coats are bountiful and warm with a large ruff.  In the summer the outermost coat disappears and
the cat appears to be one with short hair.  These cats, then, are classified as semi-long haired cats.  
The present day Norwegian bears little resemblance to the original forest cats which are said to
have roamed the fields and forests...and reportedly lived with the Vikings. They are, however, being
monitored closely to retain the strength and hardiness which those cats undoubtedly had.

My life was spent teaching and counseling, both in Private School and Public Schools and
developing a private Behavioral Guidance Clinic for children and their families. To be able to
spend my retirement years with these amazingly affectionate cats is an experience which I
treasure.  They can mystify you with their decision-making skills as you watch them play with
their parents and siblings.  There is an order and communication which is clear and
'simple'...The only surprises one seems to have is when they do something which they haven't
done before which, once again, is amazing...

If you have questions and considerations which you would like to discuss with me...please
send me an E-Mail ( and I will be happy to respond.

Enjoy the web site.  Photography is my great love and I am happy to share many special
photos here.  

AUGUST 5,   2014
Adult Cats have tested
Negative for Feline Viral II( FIP,
cats are tested and given
yearly innoculations.

Oct. 1, 2012
The beauty of wild elderberry in
Winter!  Frozen fog produces
this amazing 'flower'...

Photo Barbara Johnson
Winter Quail...They spend a great
deal of their hours now...under the
deck and eating the food I set out
for them.  Gorgeous birds!!
Photo: Barbara Johnson
r...Mr. Big son! :)
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